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Home of the Most Freckled Faced Border Collie on the Web!

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Newt's Page. I 'm glad  you're interested in learning more about Border Collies. They are the world's most intelligent breed of dog. Found in almost every canine activity devised by mankind. The Border Collie is the premier herding dog with a working style unique to the breed. No other herding breed uses the low crouch plus precise movements combined with the famous "eye" or stare to move a flock of sheep. 

For owners unable to engage their Border Collies in herding other activities are available such as:

  • obedience
  • agility
  • flyball
  • freestyle
  • search & rescue
  • tracking
  • schutzhund
  • gundog sports (although rare)
  • sleddog racing
  • ...of course, there is always "Hamster watching"!!

    Those activities are excellent for providing a wonderful outlet for this breed's limitless energy. Border Collies can also make loving and sympathetic, emotional therapy dogs for visiting nursing homes, hospital and treatment centers. Newt is very sensitive to "who" he is visiting. He is very gentle with the elderly and disabled children. No one would guess that he is also personal protection trained. 

    Possibly, because of all the wonderful qualities inherent in the Border Collie you might  be inclined to think this is the breed for you. Please take the time to evaluate your lifestyle and all your interior valuables! Why? The answer is simple. A Border Collie left to it's wn devises can drive you insane and become a one dog demolition crew. This is one reason many Border Collies find their way into breed rescue groups who must find appopriate foster parents before rehoming them. You can help reduce this ever growing situation by educating yourself regarding whether the Border Collie is the best breed for you. 

    Through the images and stories about my Border Collie Newt, I hope you will gain an idea of what living with this breed is all about. U-AG1 U-CDX Newt CDX, CGC, HT, STDs, HRD-1,  has proven himself a very versatile dog. He is the fist dog I ever trained to any obedience, herding and soon agility titles. Newt means more to me than any other dog I have ever owned, he is my "once in a lifetime dog". 

    Enjoy yourself! Please sign his Guestbook  to let me know you stopped by for a visit. Thank you.


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